What we offer

Here at the M&M Academy we offer an array of exam and performance opportunities. This set for a truly inspiring experience and helps our students to have a well rounded training.

We want all our students to feel accomplished and achieve goals so we offer an extensive awards system which gives students the opportunity to do just that, as well as providing opportunities to build on their performance skills.

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Children's Performing Arts School in Basingstoke that have an annual show


We hold a bi-annual whole school show and this is an event not to be missed. Not only does this encompass our whole ethos of equal opportunity it brings our dance family together to celebrate their achievements and allows us to make memories for all our whole school which will be shared for a lifetime. Previous shows have been a sell out event and children’s confidence  rockets after performing. Our parent and student feedback is always excellent. We like to make these events one to remember and have in the past included a two course dinner to make these events more spectacular.

Performance Opportunities

Over the years we like to change what we offer for our students and have been involved in many performance opportunities from school fetes, to Basingstoke Live, charity performances, Basingstoke Variety show and West End performances. All of which add a variety of experiences and memories to make the M&M Academy special. We are always looking to network and connect with different companies to offer opportunities which support our local community and give our students something to cherish.

Performance Opportunities in Dance Basingstoke
Children's Dance School that offers Scholarships in Basingstoke


We offer the opportunity to enter BTDA scholarships. BTDA are focused on supporting dance for the future and as such offer scholarships to help enhance students dance training. These are offered after auditions and if successful students can qualify for a monetary award which can be used against BTDA examinations. Here at the M&M Academy we run one of the BTDA scholarship audition days for both our own school and other BTDA schools


Here at the M&M Academy we pride ourselves on an exemplary record of results. Although we do not make exams compulsory and it is at the discretionary of each individual if they should wish to enter.

Our teachers will guide students through the best route for them and help them achieve their goals. Here are just some of the different levels of exams and assessments on offer.

Dance Exams - M&M Academy of Arts
Mime Awards

We offer two awards for candidates 5 years and under, these are our Mime Awards, where the candidates perform short mimes with their class teacher in attendance. The tests are very simple and well within the child’s ability. They are designed to build a child’s confidence and get them used to the structure of the more formal dance examinations which they work towards when they are older. The marking is  based on technique, expression and their ability to follow simple instructions. At this level, participation is the main focus and in doing this they will pass  being rewarded with a medal and a report from the examiner on the day. Later receiving a certificate from the BTDA.

There are two levels:
Silver Mime Award – 4 Mimes / Gold Mime Award – 6 Mimes


Rose award exams are Introduced as a stepping stone and an introduction to entering the exam setting for the younger students early years students. The teacher is allowed to be in the room with the candidates and are able to direct them in a mini class of set exercises. So even our youngest students can enjoy the feeling of achievement and receive a small trophy of either silver or gold depending on the level they are entering for. These are very popular and are often the envy of the older students. The Rose Award system is for candidates up to and including 8 years, the system is designed to introduce candidates performing basic exercises incorporating fun, enjoyment and a chance for self expression.


Here at The M&M Academy we offer a range of lower grade qualifications and regulated graded examinations. Levels include Preparatory, Primary and in Classical Ballet only the additional grade, Introduction to Grade 1. These examinations are perfect for laying the foundations of technique in each discipline. They serve as an introduction to the main examination structure for beginners, preparing them for the Graded system to follow.

The General Graded Examinations are based on progressione, with each Grade being progressively more difficult than the last helping student to progress in ability and knowledge. We offer Grades 1 through to 5 in 4 disciplines including Classical Ballet, Modern/Jazz, Tap and Acrobatics. The addition of Grade 6,7 & 8 in Acrobatics whilst the core subject progress onto vocational exams. These examinations are accredited by the Qualifications and curriculum authority and are part of the National Qualifications Framework.

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Pin Badges - M&M Performance Academy - Basingstoke Dance School
Pin Badges

To encourage students to be proud of what they have achieved pin badges for Ballet, Tap, Modern Jazz and Acrobatics.can be purchased once a child has taken the appropriate examination.  These allow students to showcase their achievements. 

Star Awards - Performing Arts School Baskingstoke


Candidate who achieves the result “Honours Star” for a self-regulated qualification or award will receive, in addition to their qualification certificate, a Star Award Certificate which highlights their significant achievement.

Certificates, profiles and comments sheets will be issued to the centre through which the candidate was entered within 6 weeks of the examination taking place.


Platinum certificates are awarded to high achievers receiving 90 marks or more. These students are awarded an additional certificate in recognition of their high achievements.

Platinum Awards - Dance School Basingstoke
Performing Arts Vocational Exams


Vocational examinations promote the progressive mastery of dance for a more professional development, understanding and personal fulfilment. They are available in the 3 main core disciplines, Classical Ballet, Modern Jazz, and Tap. The aims, objectives and marks scheme for these qualifications are governed by BTDA. These examinations are also recognised and accredited and Ofqual regulated Qualifications through Graded Qualification Alliance (GQAL).

Candidates who successfully achieve a BTDA/GQAL qualification or awards will receive a certificate. In addition, all candidates that enter for a BTDA/GQAL qualification will receive a candidate profile or comment sheet.


The medal test is a performance based award system, which enables candidates to perform in front of an audience and so gain the necessary skills, experience and confidence required for a performance.  It also acts as an alternative to competitions and what is really nice is that an audience is required and therefore family and friends can support the student on their journey.

The awards are available to candidates of all ages and there are 8 levels in total as follows:

  • Bronze Medal
  • Silver Medal
  • Gold Medal
  • Silver Shield
  • Gold Shield
  • 1st Statuette
  • 2nd Statuette
  • Performance Cup

Candidates perform a routine set by their teacher.  In the higher levels more than one routine will be required.

Medal Tests for Dance Exams - M&M Dance Academy
Dance Competitions Hampshire


As a school we offer the opportunity for students who show a desire and talent to join our competition teams. This could be in groups, duets/trios or solo. This offers the students the chance to showcase and focus on personal development. These students normal show a high level of skill, attendance, dedication, quickness of mind, the ability to apply corrections and a positive attitude to learning. Students will travel nationally and possibility internationally to perform.