2.5 – 5 Years Olds

Whether you want to flit like a fairy, jump like a frog, Stomp like a dinosaur or leap like a lizard your little one is guaranteed an adventure in one of our early years classes.

Boogie Babies

Ages: Preschool 2.5 – 4 Years

Duration: 45 minutes

Your tiny tot will start the class by tapping as they wake up their bodies stomping through the jungle, as they learn to stamp, shuffle and toe step. Once they have explored and made lots of noise with their tap shoes. They will change into their ballet shoes and learn to be a good Ballerina. As they tip toe, plie, gallop, paint rainbows and make magic fairy wishes. Your tiny tot will get the opportunity to take medal mime test and earn themselves a glimmering shiny trophy at one of our exam sessions

Dinky Dancers

Ages: Year R 4- 5 Years
Duration: 45 minutes

Your little Dinky Dancers will start class making lots of sounds with their tippy tap shoes whilst learning to make loud and soft sounds with different parts of their shoes. Once they have exhausted the fun in their tap shoes they will put on their ballet shoes. And will dance themselves dizzy as they point, skip, jump and spin. Your little Dinky Dancer will get the opportunity to take rose awards test and earn themselves a sparkly trophy at one of our exam sessions

Little Primas

Ages: Year-1 5 – 6 Years

Duration: 1 hour

Step inside our Little Prima class where you will tap step, shuffle and ballchange in noisy but fun tap shoes. Then have a ball as you gallop, jump, kick and split as we explore modern dance. Finally finishing off with becoming the perfect Ballerina as we saute, plie and tendu. Your Little Prima will get the opportunity to take introduction exams and earn themselves a sparkly trophy at one of our exam sessions.

Beginners Acrobatics

Ages: 4 – 6 years

Duration: 45 minutes

Does your child loves to roll around, jump and climb. enrolling them into Beginners Acro class could be right up their street. Students focus on safe learning practices to building strength, confidence and flexibility to achieving acrobatics skills such as cartwheels, forward rolls, handstands and bridges whilst seamlessly blending dance with acrobatics. Our classes follow the BTDA and Acrobatic Arts syllabus where your child will learn progressively and will have the opportunity to take BTDA accredited gym awards.