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The Parents Show: It's Showtime!

By maxine, Nov 23 2016 07:55PM

Welcome to the second part of our blog series! Today we'll talk about how to prepare and be at your best for what is undoubtedly the best day ever: The Show.

You and your little one have been looking forward to this day for a whole year. Now you will see the results of all those long hours of hard, hard work as they take the stage, shine, and you can finally breathe and smile proudly.

Nothing should ruin this special day for you and your dancer, and that's why we have compiled our best advice to ensure the day goes smoothly and trouble-free, so you all can enjoy the show at its fullest and it becomes a truly memorable experience.


Dancing on stage can be very nerve-wracking, even for dancers who have been performing for years! Explain to your child where they will go, what will happen, and where you will be the entire time. The more prepared you are, the more prepared they will be. Be encouraging and stay excited about their performance. Good energy spreads!!


Better known as our Show Bible, that will be coming out to you in January. It includes ALL the information you need to know about the show. Every question you can think of is already answered in this handy-dandy booklet of information provided by your wonderful, awesome studio staff.


We provide you all the important dates to mark on your iPhones, tablets, calendars, refrigerators. We set them up ahead of time so that you are better prepared.


We send e-mails to our parents to keep them informed about the show. We want to make sure everyone is on the same page by giving you the most up-to-date information. Waiting for your child to get out class? Make sure to check out the notice board to keep yourself updated on recital information. You might as well do a little reading while you wait. Plus, you can join our Facebook page.


Dancing in the studio is very different from dancing on a stage. Your child may not be used to dancing on a much bigger space than what they’re used to in class. Being present at the Technical and Dress Rehearsal gives children the opportunity to perform with no mirrors or teacher’s assistance. This will also give them a feel for where they will be backstage, on deck as they wait for their turn to dance, and where to go after they perform on stage. Practicing will give your child more confidence in taking the stage when the big day arrives.


Keep track of all costumes, accessories, tights, and shoes that are required for each dance routine. Keep shoes and tights clean and make sure they fit. Remember: do not allow eating in the dance wear. Makeup and hair information is provided prior to the event. Make sure to stay up to date with information. The staff will post up sample photos and tutorial videos to help you understand what their stage make up should look like. We will also have staff on hand to assist when they arrive.


Your child will have worked hard all year in preparation for the show. The staff is working hard in preparing a smooth-running and entertaining show for you. Once you drop off your child at their dressing room, go to the front of the house to enter, take your seats and enjoy the show! Don’t forget to bring tissues to wipe away those happy tears of pride for your dancers on stage.


Talk to experienced parents who have taken part in previous shows. They will love to share their experiences and will most probably help lay to rest some of your worries or concerns.


Talk to your dancer and involve them in packing for the show. This helps them to feel prepared and involved in the process. If your dancer is older or independent, they may not ask for your help. We will provide a check list for all dancers and don’t forget we have dress rehearsal, which can bring to light anything anyone has forgotten to prepare.


Plan your journey and be sure you know what venue it is (not all rehearsals are at the same place) and arrive on time. This will cause less stress for everyone involved and your little one can start the day in a positive way. Check the parking at your venue.


By now you should have completed your signup sheet and paid your show deposit. All that will happen now is your show instalment will be added to your invoice from December and can be paid in the normal way you pay your regular fees.


As teachers we try our best to make the show the best experience possible for all involved but at the end of the day we have to make decisions based upon what’s best for the studio at large and what takes us all in the direction of our long term vision.

Please do not get upset if a decision is made that does not directly benefit your dancer. We assure you there will be other times when your dancer will be in the majority and another dancer may be in the minority. As teachers we do our best, no matter how impossible, to try and keep everyone happy. We cannot work around everyone's personal schedules, but rest assured we do our best to think of the children when making decisions. This should be obvious, but the questions do still come up.


Please try to be mindful that staff and teachers to have a need for a private life. I know most of us love you, your dancers and our jobs more than is actually healthy. However, we are also people with families and have non- dance priorities. Please be conscious about what time you call or text. And definitely not late at night in the evening. We always say email is best – unless:

1. It’s a true emergency

2. You have been requested to text or call

An email is always best and can allow the team to address you once they have collected your answers which may need to be addressed with more than one person. Teachers and staff are certainly not perfect and we make mistakes like any other human. But if you have any strong concerns or issues please contact us and we will do our best to address these.

Rounding off with possibly the most important word; TRUST your teachers. You chose our studio and teachers therein for various reasons. You need to let go and know your dance teachers and the team are doing the best they can to help your dancer enjoy the experience.

Our promise to you is to try our hardest to make this experience one to never forget.

M&M Academy Team


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