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Not Just a Mum, But a Dance MUM!

By maxine, Mar 8 2017 12:36PM

You have seen them. There is no way you haven’t, waiting outside the studio, managing crazy schedules, fixing a last-minute wardrobe malfunction. You see them at the end of every performance, a big hug and a proud smile already in place. It’s the Dance Mums!

Mums are, as always, the big loving glue that keeps the world in one piece. And when it comes to the very particular dance world, their presence is a much-needed blessing. There is, first of all, the enormous gift mums have given their children simply by enrolling them in dance lessons. The kids will learn so much more than pliés and tendus – they will have the opportunity to develop an artistic and creative side that will help them to become happier, more fulfilled human beings. Dancing is a wonderful way to explore interpersonal skills such as social interaction, expression, a sense of community and belonging, self-confidence, values, discipline, and perseverance. Mums of dancers will have the chance to see their kids bloom under the scenario and circumstances they have provided.

A mother is already an extraordinary multitasker, and a Dance Mum is without a doubt an endless box of wonders: the perfect last-minute seamstress, the official driver, the most creative stylist and make-up artist, the loudest cheerleader, and the most supportive companion one could ever hope for. It doesn’t matter if you’re only practicing at the studio or if you’re in a major competition, you know nothing can ever go wrong with your mum by your side.

Mums also enter impressive sacrifices in order to help their child, and they do so with an open heart. If you have spent time in the dance world, as a dancer, teacher, or parent, who have gone without or beyond to support your dancer and give them the best chance. There’s no limit to what parents are willing to do to make sure their children see their dream fulfilled.

Dance can be hard sometimes, and professional or competitive dancing is a complex world that requires a lot of emotional support for the budding artist. It can be a daunting task, but it’s also one of the most fulfilling challenges a parent and a family could hope for. The time comes, sooner than expected, when it becomes clear that it has all been worth it, absolutely worth it: every stitch in a costume, every frantic commuting to class, shows, and competition, every lost hour of sleep, every can of hairspray, it was all worth it for that one moment of perfection on stage. Rewarded with a huge smile.

Anyone who has ever danced is aware of the enormous role Mum has had in the growth of their craft. Mums push us to go that extra mile, to aim higher, to always give dance our very best. And as she becomes an inspiration for the child who will remember just how important it is to never give up, that child will be getting ready to pass the message on to the next generation of dancers.

Dance Mums are simply the best, don’t you agree? Let us know in the comments.

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