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Dance Studio Etiquette

By maxine, Dec 30 2017 09:52PM

Class Etiquette

1. Arrive on time. Arriving late to class is disruptive to the other students. If for some reason you are running late, apologise on enter to studio quietly and ready for class. Then take the time to speak to the teacher quikly at the end of class to apologise.

2. Have a good attitude. Bring Energy, lots of energy, As the saying goes "you get out what you out in". Always show enthusiasium and an eagerness to learn as you will gain the most from classes wiht a positie attitude.

3. Facing Challenges. It can be frustrating when we don’t get something on which we’ve been working, but remember, if it were easy, everyone would do it. We all have our strengths and weaknesses don't compare yourself to others. Everyone is on their own journey. We all have our own challenges—every last one of us—and learning how to manage them properly will help you on the dance floor, as well as in life.

4. Turn off your cell phones.

5. Do not talk when the teacher is speaking. You might think you are being quiet, but if you’re talking, you’re likely not as quiet as you think you are. If you have a question for the teacher, wait for the right moment, and raise your hand.

6. Do not correct other students. That is the teacher’s responsibility. Focus on your corrections and a little tip listen to others corrections and apply them to your training. Take correction well. If a teacher corrects you, congratulations! That means they are invested in your development.

7. Practice. You go to dance class to learn, but you’ll make your progression faster when you practice outside of class. Make sure to do all homework, and work on any combinations/choreography, so that upon returning to class, you can spend the majority of your time learning new material instead of spending that time on review.

8. Wear appropriate attire and mind your hygiene. Proper attire will vary from class to class, but as a general rule, you are training, not performing. Wear something you can get sweaty in and move comfortably in. No jewelry or False Nails. Please wear deodorant to class. Keep uniform clean and freshly washed.

9. Respect your studio premises. Keep it clean! No food or gum on the dance floor. A water bottle is fine. As a general rule, if you brought it in, take it home or put it in the bin.

10. Use common sense. Being respectful of the other students, the teacher, and being a hard worker will cover many of the bases.

13. Have FUN! Ultimately, this is YOUR class too, and you should be having a good time. Every teacher feels good when their students leave the room happy, so enjoy the process. Dance is an enriching experience, so be proud of your hard work, celebrate your accomplishments, and keep your eye on the continuing journey ahead. Set goals and celebrate yours and others achievements

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