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5, 6, 7, 8! 10 Perfect Presents for your Dancer

By maxine, Dec 18 2016 03:23PM

Holidays are fast approaching, and with it the much dreaded gift shopping. If you have a dancer near you, it can be particularly tricky to find just the right thing for them. But worry no more! No matter your budget, or the age of your dancer, we’ve got you covered. We present to you several options to surprise that special dancer in your life:

Tickets to a dance show - Yes, your dancer might spend hours on end at the studio, and dance is already a part of their DNA, but now they’ll have the chance to experience it from the other side, as audience. They already know the hard work that goes behind every step, so they will appreciate what they see with an even bigger heart (and yes, it’s going to be a relief to sit on this side for a change). Whether it’s the Christmas specialty The Nutcracker, or another classic or modern piece, be sure to find the best options in your area to give your dancer a memorable day!

Grishko’s Fleur de Ballet - Someone finally had the brilliance of making decorated dance slippers, and of course it had to be Russian virtuoso Grishko. The Fleur de Ballet Collection, canvas slippers with split soles, come with decorations on the sides of the slipper or all over, such as lace-like applications, flower prints, and even mock-denim. A wide selection of colours is available. Fleur de Ballet comes in both adult and child sizes. (Also noteworthy are their models “Schekhrazade” and “Arlekino”.)

Pirouette Surgery - Whether your dancer is just getting started with turning, or they wish to polish their knowledge of technique and art, this book is their new best friend. A comprehensive guide to the process of pirouettes, breaking them down with the guidance of experts from the Royal Ballet and the current World Record Holder, as well as advice on how to prevent injuries and bring your feet to their greatest potential, Pirouette Surgery is definitely a must for the dancer who wants to soar.

Subscription to a Dance Magazine- Publications such as Dance Magazine, Dance Spirit, or Pointe Magazine are a great option to stay updated on the latest news of the dance world. These magazines usually offer special pricing for a 12- or 24-month subscription, and they’re available both in print form or in their digital editions. Your dancer will receive excellent content, interviews, tips for both technique and dance lifestyle, and find a moment to relax while still enriching their dance education.

Dancer Necklace / Charm - You can never fail with dance-themed accessories and jewellery – dancers just adore them! Nowadays it’s easy to find pendants and charms for any style your dancer is devoted to: classical ballet, Irish dance, tap, pole dance, and even aerial! These are the perfect touch for any outfit and a beautiful reminder and celebration of all the different types of dance being rocked out there.

Self-Care Kit - Dancing is hard work. Dancing takes a serious toll on the body and can also be a big source of stress, so how about putting together a relaxation kit? Hydrating creams, massage oils, and brushes to polish skin or aid those knotting muscles, will feel like just fallen from Heaven to your dancer’s aching body and bruised toes.

Phone Case - For the dancer who wants to express their love of the barre wherever they go, what better option than this phone case? A modern, trendy gift that is both useful and super cute.

Swarovski Nutcracker Pointe Shoe - For the true connoisseurs and ballet gourmets, Capezio has released a limited-edition Nutcracker pointe shoe. The piece is covered in Swarovski crystals and fine rocks, and is perfect for display. These pointe shoes, a delight for collectors, are hand numbered and include stamp of authenticity.

Personalized Ballerina Decal - Your dancer will have the room of her dreams with this decal, featuring the grand jeté of our dreams and the option to have the dancer’s name printed along. It’s an excellent wall decoration, and you can also order it larger or smaller depending on your preference. And you can also pick any color you want!

Dance Movies - Few things are harder to resist than a good old marathon of dance movies. Whether your dancer grew up with the fusion of ballet and modern dance that Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum gifted us in Step Up, or dazzled by Baryshnikov’s moves in The Turning Point, there’s nothing that a collection of the best dance movies, followed by a pizza-filled marathon, won’t make better!

So now you know! You are more than ready to celebrate the holidays without the worry of buying presents. Don’t forget to let us know what you got your dancer and how much they loved it!

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